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Aditya Sarana Graha (ASG) is a recognized business for manufacture, imports, distribution, and logistics in building materials and home appliances. They are committed to the strong company values and strive to bring excellent products, supported by their extensive distribution channels, well-equipped logistic centers, and quality customer services. Aditya Sarana Graha is the principal of brand Wasser, Wasser Pump, Kirin, and also the distributor of Paloma and Ariston. Not only selling products, but Aditya also provides Home Repair Service.


Mobile Apps Development, UI / UX Design, Product Consultation


Aditya Sarana Graha



Aditya Sarana Graha has rarely received a warranty card after the customer purchase, which makes the warranty period almost never valid. Their work order is scheduled manually using Excel & they have to remind all of their technicians every single day.
Another problem that they are facing is that many parts and tools are always brought by technicians to customers from home to home service. That’s why there are a few things that also go missing and forgotten, resulting in company losses.
Eannovate proposes an app for ASG customers to activate their warranty so they can request for Home Service from their app. Aditya’s Customer Service will now have a dashboard to monitor and assist the Home Service (Ticket) requests by Customers. The technician now also uses their own app, once the ticket is assigned to them, they need to pick tools and parts and later must return it.
  • In under three months, Aditya has implemented this solution for all their branches across Indonesia and reached about 2.000 app installs (Android & iOS).

  • Before using the app, Aditya only sells their products & services to distributors. But now, they already know who their end-customers are.

  • Ticket Backlog is now more transparent, blocker, and leading time.

  • Warranty Activation Number reflects the projection number of upcoming parts needed.

  • Technician performance is now more transparent, KPI-based, and the ticket reconciled daily.

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