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My name is Billy Gani. I love building and working on a Digital Product.

I’m passionate most when I am working on UI UX, Web and Mobile Experience. On top of that, I believe that all digital products must have goal in usability and business goal.

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Here are some of my latest works


Digital Product Consultant Provides


UI/UX Consultation

Everything starts from design, we have to look from user’s point of view. What do you want to build, who is it for? Is it suitable for them? Create product roadmap and milestone.


Web & Mobile Development Consultation

With my technical background, I will help you choose the right vendor to develop. Think of this as a “CTO as a service”.


Digital Marketing

Product is soon ready, we need to let our target users know that we exist, through the channels and platform that they use. This is the most important part, no matter how good your product is, if nobody know about it it will bound to fail.

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Stay tuned for UI UX design, Web & Mobile Development updates!

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10 Best UI UX Design Practices for starters

Here is 10 best practices for UI UX Design, including Milestones and Deliverables for clients. These best practices are used by EANNOVATE.

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13 Pertanyaan untuk Menyusun Mobile app Requirement yang baik

Ini nih 13 pertanyaan untuk membantu kamu menyusun Requirement Mobile app yang baik. Saya juga memberikan GRATIS Checklist Mobile app Requirement yang dapat kamu gunakan!

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