IDS Medical Systems Indonesia (idsMED Indonesia) is a leading medical supply chain solutions company in Indonesia. They are one of the extensive distribution networks in Asia Pacific owned by IDS Medical Systems Group. idsMED Indonesia represents over 20 global medical brands in equipment and medical consumables. idsMED Group represents world-leading medical brands, providing one-stop solution covering marketing, sales, biomedical engineering services and clinical support. Leveraging on its single, regional IT platform, idsMED Group also offers effective inventory management and logistics services.


Mobile iOS & Android Development, Web Development, UI / UX Design





Before using website & application, idsMED is rarely acknowledged by its target audiences in Indonesia. They are also doing the offline transaction for selling the medical supply solutions. The sales process that only relies on this method is quite difficult to rely on because the idsMED team has to get as many as possible customers without knowing if they’re reaching the target every day or not. Of course, without market their product and services in the digital world, it must be quite tough to compete with their other competitors in Indonesia.

Their prospective customers also not instantly believe in offers from idsMED simply because they have not seen the examples of products or testimonials directly from other customers who have already bought products from idsMED.
idsMED is using one of the EANNOVATE products that are Mobile iOS & Android Development, Web Development, UI / UX Design to help them visualize a beautiful and functional website and also mobile apps (iOS & Android). With this, idsMED can make its target audience and potential customers experiencing a much easier way to find any products and services that they offer. Their potential customers also can learn more about their products comfortably with a well-designed visual interface, clearer, & easy navigation.

idsMED Mobile App that built by EANNOVATE can also bring you closer to medical events, medical news, and products across Asia.
By using a website, idsMED can build a more loyal audience in it (direct channel) without relying on other platforms. And also, Their potential customers can learn more and comfortably with a well-designed visual interface, clearer, & easy navigation about their products & services.
And also, by using Mobile Apps, their potential customers can:
  • Get real-time information about latest idsMED events and many medical events around Asia

  •  Easier to get access and be part of the events

  • Get reminded of events they followed

  • Get the latest news about the medical world around Asia

  • Get the most updated list of idsMED distributed products

  • Make a direct quote to idsMED about a specific product.

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