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Bayer E-Field Project is a digital mobile application used by the field team to socialize Bayer's fertilizers & pesticides to all of the farmers around Indonesia.


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Bayer Indonesia




The E-Field mobile application existed before, but because there were many weaknesses such as slow initial loading of data, confusing UI / UX, and less cooperative vendor response, Bayer decided to look for a new vendor, and luckily, Eannovate is the vendor that Bayer entrusted with this E-Field project.
Eannovate began with studying the flow and databases that currently exist and interviewing the IT Team who were involved in the previous version of the mobile app. After that, we tried to answer the complaints from their previous version of the app. That’s why Bayer’s mobile application UI / UX is more intuitive, easier to use, and their initial data loading fixed by making it "running in the background." With this solution, the user didn’t have to wait in one screen after the initial data loading finished.
With their new UI / UX display, the E-Field’s team can use the mobile app easier without re-training. Also, the mobile application performance is faster than before & it can boost team productivity and minimize the potential to lose some data while the input process.

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